Friday, November 5, 2010

welcome company

While typing my morning greetings to my sweetheart I noticed a shadow pass the window. Getting up to investigate I found that a pair of woodpeckers had discovered my seed cake feeder! Since I now keep my camera at the ready I was able to get a few shots of them.
Yesterday while checking on the fish pond I noticed chickadees at the "water cooler" I hang when I put out the feeders. Alas, they were much too quick for me to catch them in a photo. Perhaps I'll spy them through the window and have a chance. So much pleasure for such little effort on my part. Birds, come and get it! Kitchen's open 24/7.
And speaking of company, Jerome is coming tomorrow and bringing Dovey! I am over the moon.
As you can see from these morning photos the sky is clear today. The coldest morning yet, though, with a reading of 24 out the dining room window. I do love these sunny days- cheerful, warming, comforting.

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