Sunday, November 7, 2010

Dovey's explorathon

I don't think Dovey got much rest last night. I found an old bottle cap and a large piece from a long forgotten broken glass on the kitchen floor this morning which she must have pulled out from under the oven trying to reach something of interest under there during the night.
Already this morning I've had to clear all the windows so she can sit in each in turn. Right now she's basking in the sunlight coming through the French doors in my sewing room, draped across the extension of my sewing table. She's just noticed two gold finches at the feeder right outside the doors. I think she also likes having carpet on the stairway up to the second floor as it provides good footing for charging up the stairs or down full speed. She slips on the newly refinished oak stairway in her city house with some frequency.
She fills this house with her presence and I am in love with her all over again.
She always has liked participating in computer work. Here she is patiently waiting as I type, and then insisting on getting my attention while I'm doing so. Dovey, I have missed you!!


  1. I found your blog through your daughter Anne's. Hope you don't mind me coming into your world! Dovey is such a pretty cat. Has she been away and now returned? I have two little munchkins adopted in June, gray and white also. They do have a way of getting into everything.
    I love the quiet pace of your blog and hope to visit again.
    Have a good week!

  2. Judy,
    Thank you for posting, an unexpected and enjoyable surprise. I visited your blogs and found them delightful. Your work speaks to me in such a familiar way, it's a bit serendipitous, actually. My first response is, "Don't I know you?"
    As for Dovey and her being back in my life: on May first I adopted two young cats, not really kittens but each under a year old. In August I moved to our new small farm in the driftless region of Wisconsin, a life's dream. My husband had grown immensely fond of both the cats and wanted them to stay with him since he'd be alone and I'd be with Anne and her dog. Anne's cats stayed with her husband, so both our guys would have two cats for company. Only I found I missed the cats (and my husband too, but that's a another story.) So since he was visiting this weekend he suggested he bring Dovey, our more outgoing cat, to be my companion here. She could drive back and forth visiting him and Mya, her "common law sister" whenever I went back to our city house. So here she is, on her first visit to Wisconsin and her first separation from Mya. That part troubles me, their being apart from one another. We'll see how it goes. For now, I'm "over the moon" to have her here.

  3. That's so funny, I had a serendipitous feeling when I read your blog too.
    I know what you mean about separating the cats, but I'm glad you have Dovey with you! I love that you are fulfilling a life's dream and look forward to reading more about it!