Saturday, November 6, 2010

Jerome and Dovey on the way

My morning began at 5:00 with the call of nature in more ways than one. Returning to my warm bed after a dash to the downstairs bathroom, I lie awake thinking of the many preparations I'd planned for today. Jerome and Dovey are coming!
Then the noises in the closet caused me to shout out loud, "Wait til Dovey gets here! I'm going to leave the closet doors open all over the house and she will find you!"
After that, there was no cozy renestling. And so, as I often do, I looked out to see what Mother Nature was about and decided it was time to share some morning views. If you look very closely at the somewhat grainy photo below you'll see Venus just visible. I took the photo above from the front porch. The second, through the bathroom window. Sunrises are just as lovely here as sunsets, and because we are on the ridge, all are there for the noticing each and every day.

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  1. I'm missing sunrises and sunsets here where neither are easily visible. Thanks for sharing your views!