Sunday, October 23, 2016


Have you ever lifted a turtle from the lake and brought it to shore to have a bit of a conversation before setting it down on the ground? No matter how often you try to divert its course it will turn back to the water. The earth is doing this now, despite the intervention of soft mild days, the drive of the seasons is pulling all of us, flora and fauna, forward.
There are those moments between, however. Late blooming flowers, gems in the form of raspberries, spinach and kale and onion greens. Monarchs that seem in no hurry.
But there are unmistakeable signs. Squirrels in a panic, entire species of birds now gone, others now wearing winter hues, such as the wee one pictured above who became confused by the clear day and stunned itself on the upstairs sliders.
And the light. The amazing day, by night.
The mammal me needs to admit these truths and allow them to work their earthly influence. The spiritual me, by recognizing the particular blessings and graces abundant only now, is strengthened and uplifted by them. This feast is offered only now. Tuck in. Enjoy.

Tuesday, October 18, 2016


just now autumn is satisfying this hungry spirit in so many ways.
the sun shines
the breezes caress
the fields and woods sigh in colors they've kept to themselves all summer

days like these absolve the soul of inadequacies and missed opportunities
dreams seem possible
it's easy to breathe
wish i could weave it all into a shawl to pull around me on cold dark days

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

400 postings, nearly 6 years

Thank you dear friends for visiting me and leaving your much appreciated comments.  Even without commenting your company through this window leaves behind a bit of your light, and my life is brighter because of each of you.

Saturday, September 24, 2016

heavy times

The driftless region we call home is a stunningly beautiful landscape of ridges and valleys. Not far from
us the Wisconsin River meets the Mississippi. Closer to home the local rivers and their feeder streams with names like Kickapoo, Bad Axe, and Seas Branch wind their ways around our communities.
Perhaps you've heard of the September rains, notably those of this past week, that have caused such trouble in our neck of the woods.
Think positive thoughts on our behalf. Direct your healing energies this way. Bless you for doing so.

Saturday, September 3, 2016

cortland apples

The only fruit tree on our property when we purchased it was a lone mature cortland apple. That first autumn there weren't many apples. We picked a few with our long handled apple picker but my memory of the crop is foggy.
Each year but one since then the tree has produced a bumper crop. Or so we thought until this year. Many of my neighbors are saying that their produce is ripening earlier this year than in most years. That seems to be true of the apples as well. We've had heat and abundant moisture. (Almost too much rain for the sweet corn crop.) Here on our ridge top meadow the apples have been falling, branches hanging so low we duck under them going to the chicken yard. It seems a shame to waste such bounty. We'd given more than 10  5 gallon pails to our neighbors and had given the split or pecked apples to the chickens. We'd eaten a few. We've made some juice. But what we needed was to find a way to share in a big way.
Our Amish friends had taken apples in past years but they had trees of their own. This summer their trees hadn't faired well. I brought them 6  5 gallon pails of apples on Tuesday and invited them to come this week to get more. On Wednesday they arrived… Eli, Lovina and their 3 daughters. (the 5 boys stayed at home to do chores as they often had the opportunity to come out to our place when their dad did chores here and Lovina felt it was the girls' turn.) Picking was slow so I suggested Eli shake the tree. Wahoo, that did it. Here is what they were able to take away after one short morning.

a view into the buggy between front and back seats (there were even pails on the floor of the front seat)

the entire bottom of the buggy is full of apples with bags and boxes perched on top

While we shared a lunch together indoors, Randy and Pearl enjoyed the sweet clover in our eastern meadow.
The weather was perfection and our apple endeavor and shared meal were a gift to us all.

Sunday, August 28, 2016

6th anniversary

It was a picture perfect day across the midwest. A caravan of three cars and two trucks made its way northwest for a distance of close to 240 miles. An optimistic beginning for a journey much longer than the miles would suggest.
Our ridge meadow acres have changed but no more so than ourselves. Growth is unpredictable, nonlinear, and not without pain. Growth is life.

There is so much to be grateful for, to find joyful. Grace is truly abundant.
Should you still be pacing around the edges of a leap of faith, let me encourage you to spring forward.