Tuesday, May 17, 2016

top third finish for Phil, first place for his coangler

Just have to share this photo of Phil coming off the Mississippi on Saturday.
Does this look like the middle of May to you?
The coangler backs up the trailer to the water's edge and the boater drives the boat up onto it. I've watched this choreographed exit from tournaments several times and always marvel at the way 150 boats can get off the water in about an hours time!
After seeing this I wonder just how Phil manages it when he goes out alone…..

Saturday, May 14, 2016

celebrating lives

Flurries in the air this morning on my outdoor walkabout. Temps struggling to hit 40 just now.

Thursday Anne, Matthias, my sister Terri and I spent the entire day shopping Amish greenhouses, having to drive home to empty the car once late morning and then finally ceasing late afternoon when my car was full again, plants even on laps and between the feet of all the passengers. Today all those sweet promises are tucked into the potting shed and the little portable greenhouse on the south deck. Waiting. Tonight's predicted low… 31 degrees.

Today is our son's 38th birthday

and as I type this he's out on the very chilly mighty Mississippi casting into and against the wind on this the 2016 FLW bass fishing tournament season opener. Yesterday's pre fishing included pouring rain, cold winds, and a cantankerous pump. Left this morning about 3:40 am. Jerome and I will drive into LaCrosse for the weigh in this afternoon. There are signs hung all around the house wishing Phil a happy birthday, something Jerome and I started doing to celebrate each family occasion as soon as we were married. It's a treat having Phil here at the farm so we can do it again for him.
We plan to gather this evening to celebrate his birthday, Anne, Matthias, Phil, Jerome, the dogs, our cats and me. We will toast his health, his nearly finished teaching year, the new fishing season and another toast to the many, many happy memories of the one family member who will be missing, Anne and Matthias' Siamese cat, Jerome.

Here is an old Christmas photo of Phil with Jerome and our beloved "first dog" Holden. Jerome and Phil had a special relationship, not surprising since Phil has a deep respect for and appreciation of all living things. (That lovely fish in the photo above was a catch and release, as is his habit.)
Happy birthday, my born on Mothers' Day son. You've given us more than you can imagine.
Goodbye dear friend, Little Jerome. Thank you for the unique joys you brought to my life. I will miss your mighty roar.

Sunday, May 1, 2016