Monday, May 27, 2013


Anticipated for a very long while, the arrival of the pipe organ at the farm. A difficult day of work, weather and travel for all involved. But happy results.

truck nearly empty with the help of our good neighbor, Richard

our designer/builder Jim putting her together again

at home in our new green room

and out of doors:
silent sentinel of the entry shade garden

surprises gathered at the edge of the blueberry bed

the fortunate replacement for our beloved Jeep rendered inoperable after her last journey to the farm (and a day of sun to get to all that mowing and edging! thank you Mother Nature.)

And the last evening, a time for reflection and a reunion of two sensitive souls separated by necessity these past 4 months

Today it was difficult to say goodbye, once again. But there's deep joy in knowing the end of our separation is near.

Monday, May 20, 2013

joy list Monday

It's an Anne thing:
a list of what brings joy, most important in the face of joylessness

the company of good friends

the exuberance of new blooms

the return of summer neighbors

fragrant signs that last summer's drought and the winter's late withdrawal have not diminished the Cortland apple's vigor.

I see,
listing joys in the face of disappointment serves to clarify where true blessings lie and settles the joy within once again.
Thank you, Anne.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

handmade joy

Our weather here in the driftless region is what we dream about all winter. Though delayed by weeks, our trees are rejoicing and one can't mow the lawn fast enough.
Before I get totally distracted by spring, I thought it was time to share my portion of Anne's brainchild, Handmade Joy Exchange 2013, aligning happy artists and recipients all around the globe.
I sent my package to Sally in New Zealand. Imagining an island paradise I chose colors of the sea.

A necklace and bracelet of Czech glass, two log cabin quilt block sachets filled with my own organically grown lavender and organic flax seed from the local co-op, a hexagon crochet (Mary Jane's Farm pattern) stitched to two layers of wool felt to serve as a rug mug, and a hand folded paper box made of a calendar page printed with the art and poetry of Thich Nhat Hanh.

I received my handmade joy from Bobbi in Utah. Wrapped in a paper music manuscript of Pocketful of Miracles was this darling fabric bird.

Remembering how Laura took her paper lady of the 2012 exchange out for an adventure, I thought perhaps this little bird might enjoy doing likewise. This morning was the perfect opportunity.

in the North Star cherry

checking out LadyHawk's egg
(Wish my camera would have captured the true color of LadyHawk's egg, nearly the same as some of the tones on this sweet bird.)

in the mature Cortland apple
Thank you Bobbi, thank you all other participants, and especially thank you Anne. So many gladdened hearts. The very essence of joy.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

the 14th of May

Born on Mothers Day 35 years ago today, my son Phillip.

on a lake

or a river
May they always be biting.

Happy birthday, sweetheart. And thank you.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

a signed contract on the city house while I was in town surprising Jerome for his birthday,
closing on our extra bit of land along the farm's eastern border this morning,
unmistakeable signs of spring in every direction...
cheerful volunteers
last autumn's spinach waking up to spring

delirious pollinator in the Kristin cherry

asparagus silently stretching to the sun
10 inches of Meadowlark forsythia, survived the deer by hiding beneath the snow
our new glider, waiting for husband and wife together at last

blessings abundant

Saturday, May 4, 2013

first Saturday of May

Earlier this week on Tuesday the weather was so mild that Lovina hitched up her horse and buggy and came out for a visit, bringing along one son and her baby Lizzy, who turned one yesterday. I stopped back at their place after dinner that evening and we sat out on their porch, the entire family gathered, munching popcorn and enjoying the respite from the winter that wouldn't go away. The kids only recently finished with their school year, and we adults all wanting to believe that spring had finally come to stay.
Yesterday morning I awoke to this.

Not the many inches of snow our neighboring counties received, but no more welcome. Finally by mid afternoon the mercury crept up from 32.
This morning the sun is working hard to penetrate the veil of grey and the temperature is already in the mid 40s. Birds are calling from every direction around the farm house. Frogs in our pond are once again lifting their noses to the air inviting company.
The first outdoor farmers' market of the season opened at 7 am today. Our local flower shop/garden center is hosting its annual open house. Friends and neighbors will be out and about glad to see the sun and one another.
Winter is at an end.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

it's May

Though it's only 34 degrees and raining steadily from the north this morning, the past couple days have done their magic. Walking about the farm I see signs everywhere that spring is moving in to stay.

The first of our many daffodils lifted their faces to the sun yesterday and stretched with joy.
Wishing each of you a "merry month of May."