Thursday, May 16, 2013

handmade joy

Our weather here in the driftless region is what we dream about all winter. Though delayed by weeks, our trees are rejoicing and one can't mow the lawn fast enough.
Before I get totally distracted by spring, I thought it was time to share my portion of Anne's brainchild, Handmade Joy Exchange 2013, aligning happy artists and recipients all around the globe.
I sent my package to Sally in New Zealand. Imagining an island paradise I chose colors of the sea.

A necklace and bracelet of Czech glass, two log cabin quilt block sachets filled with my own organically grown lavender and organic flax seed from the local co-op, a hexagon crochet (Mary Jane's Farm pattern) stitched to two layers of wool felt to serve as a rug mug, and a hand folded paper box made of a calendar page printed with the art and poetry of Thich Nhat Hanh.

I received my handmade joy from Bobbi in Utah. Wrapped in a paper music manuscript of Pocketful of Miracles was this darling fabric bird.

Remembering how Laura took her paper lady of the 2012 exchange out for an adventure, I thought perhaps this little bird might enjoy doing likewise. This morning was the perfect opportunity.

in the North Star cherry

checking out LadyHawk's egg
(Wish my camera would have captured the true color of LadyHawk's egg, nearly the same as some of the tones on this sweet bird.)

in the mature Cortland apple
Thank you Bobbi, thank you all other participants, and especially thank you Anne. So many gladdened hearts. The very essence of joy.


  1. What a delightful post!! Love Bobbi's fabric bird posing in Wisconsin's natural surroundings, and what a beautiful package you made for Sally! I wasn't sure whether we were meant to share about the exchange yet, but seeing your post, Sharon, I think I will too. Wonderful photos!!!

  2. Some beautiful exchanges! So much effort and attention to detail has been made. It is so wonderful to give and receive!!! The fabric bird makes a wonderful header.

  3. Glad you enjoyed the exchange. Still a couple people waiting for their packages, but that's what happens when they're traveling all over the world.

    Fun seeing Bobbi's bird enjoying the Wisconsin spring!

  4. Hi Sharon!!
    Thank you for nominating me, and I'm glad you enjoyed and found inspiration in my last year Joy Exchange's post!! I really like what you made and received!! Love to see the bird with an egg and wondering along your garden with you!!

    Have a nice weekend.

  5. Both lovely gifts sent and received.

  6. Sharon, I'm happy you liked the bird! I love that you took him on an outing!