Thursday, May 9, 2013

a signed contract on the city house while I was in town surprising Jerome for his birthday,
closing on our extra bit of land along the farm's eastern border this morning,
unmistakeable signs of spring in every direction...
cheerful volunteers
last autumn's spinach waking up to spring

delirious pollinator in the Kristin cherry

asparagus silently stretching to the sun
10 inches of Meadowlark forsythia, survived the deer by hiding beneath the snow
our new glider, waiting for husband and wife together at last

blessings abundant



  2. I am absolutely delighted for you both. (Batman's birthday is in June...)
    Much love,

  3. Beautiful header Sharon. Things are really picking up momentum now aren't they? I hope that you and Jerome will be together very soon.

  4. Blessings indeed!! Congratulations on so many wonderful happenings in your life!!
    Love your blog header!!

  5. Nice to see that spring is arriving, at last!! I really like your glider, I'm sure it will bring joy to you and your husband!! I love your house, always wanted a house with a porch and a glider!!

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  7. Glad you were there for the birthday. He "sprung" it on us at church and the choir did not have a chance to celebrate. I did convince pastor to open the piano and bang out a familiar tune after the postlude. Love your blog, farm, chickens and envy you your asparagus.