Tuesday, August 15, 2017

half past August

I readily admit that I'm an August gardening wimp. I am a definite insect magnet and the combination of full sun and humidity are a one-two punch right to my core. Besides, there are summer events and road trips that beckon, and I want to go!
Examples: Phil's tournament weigh-ins.

Local events such as the fly in, drive in at our nearby airport.

(Steven Spielberg I am not! maybe I can put learning how to edit my videos on my winter to do list.)

And being chauffeured! to Ikea in the twin cities by Anne and Matthias and stopping at Trader Joe's in Rochester on the way home.

And there are those things on the "to do" list that have been calling, and calling.....
such as interviewing 4 entirely different basement waterproofing companies to eliminate the problems in our leaky, damp basement. Good news, we have contracted for the job. With all the flooding in our area we couldn't get on the calendar until the fourth week of October. The first of many major improvements we hope will bring back this old farmhouse.

And there are those totally unanticipated tests and decisions that life brings.
This little girl spent nearly two weeks hanging around our place. After calls to all the shelters and vets in the area, and an attempt to give her to a neighbor who takes in stray cats, (she walked all the way back here) she was determined to make us her family. It became apparent we had to act to save her life. She's been to our vet, is being housed in our garage as she heals and grows, and she will be introduced indoors to our girls in September when she's well and strong. It'll take lots of good vibes from all my cat loving friends for that to go well! Stay tuned.

Still working on a name, but this little feline has nestled deeply into Jerome's heart, and mine as well.

Well yes, I do spend time in the garden, despite my weaknesses, especially now that the "crops" are in and the weather has moderated a bit. The fruit and vegetable gardens are well weeded and mulched. It's the flower beds that need more attention.

Last Saturday I spent most of the day working in the front garden and noticed this little fellow. Had never spotted one before and was thrilled to see it. A hummingbird moth. Though I'm not overly fond of these lilies, I was delighted that I'd left them in the garden for this critter's benefit. And it was not easy catching it with my camera, I can tell you.

Above is a shot of that garden earlier. I'm happy to say, I've spotted many butterflies this year, mostly swallowtails and monarchs. The western meadow has more milkweed since Jerome has brush hogged it the past two springs.
Life is good here.
Though I don't post as often as I'd wish, I do check on you via your instagram and blog postings. I have to say once again, you feed my soul. Thank you, thank you.