Monday, May 19, 2014

a couple of joys on a rainy, windy, chilly Monday

I did my walk about this morning, collecting eggs and checking the gardens just before the thunder storm arrived. Our fruit trees are still holding their flower buds close, waiting for what we all hope will be the reliable warmth of spring. Our vegetable bed soil is still cold to the touch and a bit too wet to plant. And so I've been weeding and pruning and generally keeping an eye out for what's been reaching out from under the soil. All the baby seedlings Anne and I started are tucked into miniature green houses on the back porch, faithfully taken out and tucked back in each day. The tomatoes are finally putting on a little height and weight, but the peppers are more reluctant in this chill. This week for sure!
On the non gardening front, we've had a bit more forward motion. Phil spent the past two weekends with us and in between Terri and Pete visited, Pete's first visit to the farm. They sold their restaurant, closing on the first of May. Now they're looking for a new direction. I hope we set a good example.
The day after Jerome's birthday the materials for our new pole barn arrived about 7 am.

Here lies a whole barn...

Within an hour our landscapers arrived to prepare the site.

In all, 14 truckloads of gravel were needed.

Tuesday May 13th the crew arrived to begin the building. Despite the frequent high winds and rain up here on Asbury Ridge, our construction days were calm and dry. Jason and Kelsey worked just shy of 4 full days to complete it.

Just about here our electrician arrived to dig the trench for the electrics.

Thinking he could dig the short trench by hand, he soon discovered several very large rocks from what may have been an old building site. So he called for his trench digger and the job was finished without a single additional rock in just minutes.

Just before the roof was finished, we had a short snow shower! The date was the 16th of May!
Then last of all, my cupola and rooster weather vane were put in place.
Now we await the scheduled cement pour, the doors to be installed, the river rock put in place around the footing. But our lovely new barn is up.

Despite the rain and chill here today, and being disappointed that I can't be in the garden,  I am cheered by the blooms indoors. The orchids seem to arrive in chorus during April and May. Even my very elderly streptocarpus and African violets decided to harmonize.

"May all your weeds be wildflowers."

Monday, May 5, 2014

happy birthday, sweetheart

He gave up a house that was totally rehabilitated for a hundred year old farm house that needs much love and labor. He retired from working three jobs, seven days a week, so he could work from home part time and slow down a bit.

He offered me a condo in Hawaii, but I had my heart set on a piece of earth in the driftless region of Wisconsin. And so ...

with a generous heart, limitless energy, and unfailing patience with his partner, he moves through his days. 

Gentle, constant, supportive. 
Thank you, sweetheart-o-mine. And happy birthday.

Thursday, May 1, 2014

the first of May

Happy anniversary.
May 1, 2009

May 1, 2010

I totally love all three of you.