Monday, May 5, 2014

happy birthday, sweetheart

He gave up a house that was totally rehabilitated for a hundred year old farm house that needs much love and labor. He retired from working three jobs, seven days a week, so he could work from home part time and slow down a bit.

He offered me a condo in Hawaii, but I had my heart set on a piece of earth in the driftless region of Wisconsin. And so ...

with a generous heart, limitless energy, and unfailing patience with his partner, he moves through his days. 

Gentle, constant, supportive. 
Thank you, sweetheart-o-mine. And happy birthday.


  1. What a lovely tribute to your husband, Sharon. Happy Birthday, Jerome! (wonderful photos!)

  2. You were made for each other Sharon! Happy Birthday to your husband.

  3. If I didn't already "have" one of these myself I might be jealous! Aren't we blessed to have such wonderful life partners Sharon? Sending very best birthday wishes to Jerome. xo