Monday, May 27, 2013


Anticipated for a very long while, the arrival of the pipe organ at the farm. A difficult day of work, weather and travel for all involved. But happy results.

truck nearly empty with the help of our good neighbor, Richard

our designer/builder Jim putting her together again

at home in our new green room

and out of doors:
silent sentinel of the entry shade garden

surprises gathered at the edge of the blueberry bed

the fortunate replacement for our beloved Jeep rendered inoperable after her last journey to the farm (and a day of sun to get to all that mowing and edging! thank you Mother Nature.)

And the last evening, a time for reflection and a reunion of two sensitive souls separated by necessity these past 4 months

Today it was difficult to say goodbye, once again. But there's deep joy in knowing the end of our separation is near.


  1. This post is exquisitely wonderful. xo

  2. Oh, Sharon, what beautiful photos. How glorious to have that pipe organ in your home - it is amazing!! Soon you will all be together for good - can't wait for that day, for your sake!

  3. The pipe organ looks amazing and is definately the focal point of the room!!!

  4. you can tell a good man by his love of cats.

  5. Hi Sharon!
    I really like the last picture! And glad to hear that you and your husband will soon be living together again!! I can imagine you can't wait for it!
    ...what are those things that look like a "brain"?

  6. I wait in anticipation for the two of you! It won’t be long now =)