Tuesday, June 4, 2013

it's raining....again

We had a 3 day window of dry and mostly sunny days. The grass got mowed, many weeds and grasses got pulled, more of the scrap metal in and around the old barn was collected and carted away for cash.

The good news about wet soil: often the roots come away with the weeds and grasses as you pull. The bad news: large clumps of soil pull away as well. And that soil holds fast to the roots so very aggressive  shaking is needed and still some soil remains. Any ideas on how to compost this?
Our ground is saturated and I fear for the first year asparagus. Some of the newest stalks are coming from the ground looking soft. Still too wet to plant in the vegetable bed. Fields still untilled all around our farm.
As is my habit each morning when I first venture out to release the chickens to their yard, I do a walk around the grounds. So much changes overnight that skipping this could mean missing brief graces.

rain kisses
Moongold apricot regeneration so eager it's afire

My lovely angel birdbath is covered in lichen.

Speaking of birds, there is an artificial bird's nest sitting in an old bird feeder between the raspberry bed and the flower bed where I have been working. On top of this nest a robin has built its own nest with this result, a sort of nature imitating art, as it were.

Unfortunately, mama takes flight whenever I'm near and I fear those beautiful eggs won't hatch if she doesn't sit on them. Robins do bring a certain comic relief to the equation, don't they.
And speaking of birds, Minerva and Rosie have been broody for a couple of weeks now. They spend their entire days just sitting in the nest boxes thinking chicken thoughts. Some folks say they are having a false mothering spell but considering how aggressive their rooster is these days, I think they're just taking a female's version of a time out.

This means our Silver Polish has only 2 hens to "share" his lovin' and since LadyHawk doesn't want any of it, poor Phoebie is getting all his attention. You can see the results of this on her back. I have to wear knee high boots when I'm in their yard. He is not shy about letting me know he's on guard and does not like it one bit that "his girls" rush to be near me and so works hard at keeping his body between them and me at all times.

Despite being nearly 2 full zones colder than Anne's garden, I too have roses. Rugosa and knock outs that I've planted and several old unidentified roses that were here. I took a few shots of buds this morning in the light rain.

I also bought one of my favorite old fashion roses at the end of the season last year, Sally Holmes, but feared the winter had taken her.

She's not given up yet.

The new glider on the front porch got a little use this past weekend when Terri came out for another too short stay. She will come again at the end of the month to keep an eye on things so I can go back to the city and pack up the remainder of the city house. Jerome will come to stay on Saturday June 29.
After deep disappointment last month, we now have a new signed contract. I'm holding my breath this time, not taking anything for granted, but there were 3 offers this past Sunday and this young family was very keen, has been preapproved, and I so would love for our home of 37 years to shelter another young family once more.


  1. Your garden/farm is coming along nicely Sharon. Perseverance is really paying off. I hope that all works out with the new contract for you and Jerome.

  2. Ohhh, you saved the best for last, Sharon!! Fingers and toes crossed!
    Your photos are wonderful and I love your stories about what's going on there. My favorite phrase is 'thinking chicken thoughts'!
    What beautiful gardens you have there - your home looks beautiful!
    Sending good wishes for a successful sale and healthy growing crops!

  3. I cannot bear to let the soil leave the bed so I not only shake the clumps, I whack them (often sending muddy bits all over) to save as much as I can. I love the victorious feeling of pulling up clumps of weed & grass after a good rain. Love the pics and love Anne's as well. My Chicago roses are right in between your & Anne's and may bloom this weekend. Can't wait.