Wednesday, June 19, 2013


Nature is unpredictable, tends to extremes, vulnerable. She is often ignored but will demand attention if ignored too long. A goal here at the farm, focus on noticing.
These 4 gorgeous eggs were hard to miss, nestled in the perfect grass bowl perched precariously on the old bird feeder between the flower bed and raspberry bed.

June 4

It's been a stormy spring, heavy rains, high winds. And so there remained just 3 eggs. The first robin babe to hatch looked barely alive lying there exhausted, naked, and frighteningly exposed beside those perfectly hued eggs.

June 12
The afternoon after the photo above, we had a downpour that lasted about 20 minutes but produced nearly two inches of rain. When I was able to check the babes the next morning, only two remained.
The day after I found one of the remaining two lying on the mulch below the nest, its little heart still beating. I lifted it ever so carefully to return it to the nest and as I did so it opened its little beak wider than you could think possible.

June 14
How could these feathers have formed in two short days?

June 18
"I can't give you anything but love, baby."

And now this morning, the whole wide world is reflected in those eyes.


  1. I hope the two remaining babies survive and that the parents are looking after their needs. Great close ups Sharon!

  2. Oh my goodness! I always feel so sad about things like this hungry baby bird, but this is nature, isn't it....? Hope the mommy returns to feed it.