Saturday, June 22, 2013

First full day of summer

Nearly another inch of rain this morning. The gardens are back to being full sponges and the chicken yard is a pond. I try not to be discouraged. After all, one week from today at this time I'll be part of a caravan bringing Jerome to the farm to stay.

Earlier this week we had a sunny break for which I am grateful. Working at my desk I turned my head just in time for this:
hummingbird feeders just outside the window next to my computer desk,
new wider window sill the perfect observation deck for Dovey.
There are always joys to be found.


  1. LOVE your baptista/indigo header!

    And how wonderful that you are counting down days until you and your sweetie are under one roof once again! Celebrate!


  2. I am sure that once Jerome is with you for good the unrelenting rain won't seem so bad!

  3. At the in-laws the hummingbird feeder hangs above father-in-law's head as he reclines on the deck. Hummers will approach the feeder when he is there but never when anyone else is about. Him they trust. The rest of us, not so much. Wishing well to you and all the farm critters.