Saturday, May 4, 2013

first Saturday of May

Earlier this week on Tuesday the weather was so mild that Lovina hitched up her horse and buggy and came out for a visit, bringing along one son and her baby Lizzy, who turned one yesterday. I stopped back at their place after dinner that evening and we sat out on their porch, the entire family gathered, munching popcorn and enjoying the respite from the winter that wouldn't go away. The kids only recently finished with their school year, and we adults all wanting to believe that spring had finally come to stay.
Yesterday morning I awoke to this.

Not the many inches of snow our neighboring counties received, but no more welcome. Finally by mid afternoon the mercury crept up from 32.
This morning the sun is working hard to penetrate the veil of grey and the temperature is already in the mid 40s. Birds are calling from every direction around the farm house. Frogs in our pond are once again lifting their noses to the air inviting company.
The first outdoor farmers' market of the season opened at 7 am today. Our local flower shop/garden center is hosting its annual open house. Friends and neighbors will be out and about glad to see the sun and one another.
Winter is at an end.


  1. It has been such a long wait for spring in so many places this year! May the lovely green in your "organ room" spill into the rest of your life, Sharon!

  2. Oh, I do hope that winter is truly at an end for you, Sharon. How I would love to see a picture of Lovina and her family, but I'm sure that's not allowed.
    Sending sunshiny thoughts your way!!!