Friday, November 19, 2010


Here it is, my newest crochet work. It measures just over 19 inches across and is done with Red Heart Classic Crochet Thread size 10, Frosty Green color # 0661. I used a size 7 crochet hook. Here's a full shot and  a closeup of the book and tools...

I started it this past Sunday, working only in the evenings while watching all the old Harry Potter films in honor of the release of part one of book 7 today. But yesterday I did a marathon to finish it and worked beyond my comfort level and ended up with a mistake which took me nearly 2 hours to remedy. Not smart.
Earlier this month I had made another doily with the same cotton thread and size 7 hook called Woodland Lace. It is just under 12 inches across and was a bit trickier to crochet as I had never done it before and had to interpret the instructions carefully, beginning and undoing rounds until I could do them correctly. I like how it turned out in the end. It's pictured here with the two watercolor instruction books I pulled from my library to share with Anne when she returns.

I used this same cotton on one other crochet project. Mary Janes Farm magazine published a pattern for a hexagon design which I really like. You can put them together in so many different ways. I chose for myself a simple hexagon for my oak lamp stand.
A bit reminiscent of snowflakes.
Well, I decided to put away the tiny crochet work for a while. Since I bought some deep gold yarn to make a throw to use in the guest room, my fingers will enjoy the change of tension.
I think I'll also resume work on my cross stitch 4 seasons wreaths during evening movie time. And considering the vast inventory on Anne and Matthias' entertainment computer drive there's lots of good evenings of hand work and movies ahead this winter. Yahoo. Just add hot cocoa and look out!


  1. Wow, those are amazing. So intricate. I would love to learn how to crochet a doily. I wonder though if I would have the patience it requires. Movies and cocoa sound great. I'd love to join you (if You invited me!) and if you did not live so far away :)

  2. The doilies are looking lovely. The new design is so beautiful and I am loving that green. I think I'd like to make some necklaces in a very pale, soft green like that.

    (And of course you'd be invited! You had better come for a visit!).