Saturday, November 13, 2010

rainy saturday and another goodbye

It's late afternoon on a grey, chilly, rainy Saturday. We must have gotten a good amount of rain in the night as there are puddles standing all around and there's a small trickle on the basement floor. Last night's steady, high wind from the north has slowed, but still managed to sneak beneath our coats and down our necks to bring on the shivers.
Terri, my baby sister, arrived here about 3:30 on Thursday and left just about 48 hours later. I haven't stayed up quite that late for a long time. She even read after we retired each night til 1:00 on Thursday night and 2:00 last night. I was lucky to get both feet into bed before I fell asleep.
Thursday we mostly walked the property, checked out all the rooms in the house, and got caught up on what's been going on in each other's lives. Friday we began with her Pilates routine. Ugh, I have not been a good girl regarding my stretching so that was tough. Good, but tough. We did some country drives and explored shops in Westby and Viroqua. I found something just about everywhere we went. Lunch was at the Driftless Cafe.
She had brought lots of food with her and of course I had stuff here, so between us we put together  baked stuffed potatoes and spinach salad for dinner. Seems like the evening disappeared. But we were making crepes at 11:00 at night slathered with Nutella and sprinkled with walnuts,  splitting one as a late night snack. I could get used to that!
This morning we were at our mats and Pilates again,  breakfast, then a trip into town to the indoor farners' market. There we met two women who quickly became new friends. The first is Robin who lives in town and makes herbal body care products. I discovered she has a friend in Bill Brooke's development right around the corner of my ridge where she harvests goldenrod for some of her products. I then began asking if she teaches her art and she said she was planning an herbal class in January. I quickly signed up! In speaking with her I found out about a woman who raises goats not far from here who I could visit for goat info. Her name is Denise. I took Robin's card and said I'd be in touch.
Then I met Kathy who lives in Bill's community and owns the house with the wind generator! A new friend who is a neighbor. She was delighted to meet me. She and her husband are retired professors from UIC. They've been here 3 years. What a marvelous visit to the farmers' market that turned out to be.
Our last stop was the antique store just north of us on 14. I found a lovely red glass pitcher to add to my red glass collection.
After a lunch of beef barley soup Terri packed her car and had to be on her way, determined not to be on the twisty roads in the rain and the dark.
It was a VERY good visit and I hope the first of many. And now once again, I am alone. But I have my sweet sweet buddy Dovey here with me and that makes all the difference.
I did manage to find a Scrabble game at one of the antique stores in Westby.


  1. Sounds like you had a great time! Sorry I missed all the fun and the food.

    Glad you were able to make such great connections, too.

    Sweet photo of your new Scrabble tiles.

  2. Sharon,
    I loved your comment on my blog - especially about Dovey doing an excellent Downward Dog!! Cats are so funny!
    It sounds like you had a wonderful visit with your sister. How wonderful that you are finding new friends and discovering new interests. Hope you and Dovey have a lovely Sunday.
    I'm going to tell my friend Karen about your blog. She has a second home in Vermont which she and her husband will retire in, raises all kinds of crops and is thinking about getting goats!

  3. p.s.
    Karen's blog is