Wednesday, November 10, 2010

November days continue

Over all too soon, our few days together. Jerome has come and gone again. Full days but fleeting.
Sunday's concert at the LaCrosse cathedral by Olivier Latry from Notre Dame in Paris on the new Noack organ was very fine. The first half of the program included Bach, Alain, and Durufle. Alas, the second half was too contemporary for me to enjoy completely, but we did meet Latry after and chatted with a few folks we knew who were also there. And during our entire drive back to Viroqua the sun was extraordinary. But then, the sun is never ordinary on  Asbury Ridge.. Just look at this morning's sky...
and this evening's...
Monday we bought a snowblower and learned how to operate it. We repaired the fence pieces that had blown down in the last fierce winds, enough to get us through to spring, we hope. That took some thinking and doing, believe me.
We wrapped the water heater in an insulating blanket and bought the lumber we needed to build a work table and shelf in the garage. Measuring the space, making a plan, buying and carting home and cutting all of the pieces. Several saws, drills and bits, screws and screwdrivers, bending and lifting and leveling! Whew, good job, well done. The garage is nearly organized.  Of course we had to move piles of stacked "stuff" left in there by the former owner just to be able to get to the back wall of the garage. The work bench and one shelf are now complete.
We also met with the fellow who is replacing our French doors and both front and back entry doors. I was very glad Jerome was here to choose with me and to meet Steve too.
It has been lovely weather for November, but tonight the wind is howling once again and the temperature is dropping. Rain is predicted for tomorrow and the next day with high temps in the 30s by week's end. Perhaps our first snow as well. Terri is coming tomorrow for a few days visit. I am glad, for it is not easy being alone here even with my sweet Dovey near. I know so many women who live alone  and wonder if they enjoy it. It's the dark time that is the most difficult.
Jerome took my sewing machine with him and dropped it off today for a tuneup at Linda Z's. He told me they are moving to a new location with a large classroom and a bigger parking lot. I wonder if this means they will expand their fabric collection? He'll bring it home when it's ready and I'll pick it up when I go to Illinois for Thanksgiving. Funny how often I wished it were here today. Last night I unwrapped a delivery from Connecting Threads. Here is a photo of the contents, 18 pieces of fabric, 3 spools of thread and 2 books. I washed and ironed the fabrics today. They are all near solids in beautiful rich tones. Should be good blenders for my quilting projects. Nice.

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  1. That fabric looks very tempting - I can see why you wish you had your sewing machine with you! Sounds like you accomplished a lot while your husband was there. Will you be living permanently on the farm? I'm looking forward to seeing some of your creative work!
    Oh, and beautiful sky photos!