Sunday, August 7, 2011

what Dovey saw

Well, we missed yet another chance at rain over night. But farms and towns south of us had quite a storm which produced for us a brilliant light show in the hour before dawn. Restless, unable to sleep, I was drawn from my bed yet again at the sound of Dovey chattering and flinging her tail against the screen in the dining room window just off the back deck. Looking closely I spied what Dovey saw.

Not wanting to startle the little fellow I moved off to grab my camera and as I got back to the window he moved to face me. I had only time enough for one shot before he hopped away. It's not yet fully dawn so he's mostly in silhouette.

He's perched on the spout of a purple watering can that is planted with mint. The can is sitting on Anne's white cafe table just outside the window on the back deck. (Here are a couple older photos setting the stage for you.) A few days back Anne noted that Dovey had spotted this fellow on the pussy willow branches that are in a tall galvanized pail on a plant stand in the corner next to the table. Guess he just likes hanging out in the shade on the deck. Sounds like he's trying to tell us it would be a good place for US to hang out if we'd take the time to do it. Maybe tea time this afternoon??

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  1. I looked and looked at these pictures, Sharon, before I saw the little frog (?)
    in the first photo. Am I right?
    I hope you did get a few moments to sit out on your pretty porch and take some deep breaths!