Friday, August 26, 2011

a blooming postcard

Today I found an email from Beth Nicholls in my inbox. She teaches Do What You Love, an e-course, and also organizes an international postcard swap. This was my second time participating in the swap. Now that Kate (my recipient) has posted my card on Flickr I can share it here. These are Kate's photos of my postcard as they appeared this morning on Beth's email.

These are photos I took, not so artistic and not so well done, but large enough to get a closer look.

So often I do things, and with a great deal of reflection and care, and then when they've been given away I've moved on to the next project and I actually forget what I've done. Seeing my card on Beth's posting took me by surprise and delighted me.
One reason to blog is to help keep these things I've created alive for me. Another is to gain a perspective on my work that is clarified by a bit of distance, both in time and thought, so seeing things later, after the struggles of getting the work accomplished are over, there can be a re-acquaintance.
My niece, Sarah, is working with her photography and making beautiful personal greeting cards. I received one recently which is stunning. I wrote to thank her and tell her how glad I was that she was getting to it after wanting to for so long. She wrote back saying she would do what she loved and if it pleased her that would be enough. She wouldn't let worrying about how others would receive it get in her way of doing it.
I hope I can hold onto that idea. Thanks Beth, Kate, and Sarah for "doing what you love" and helping me to do it also.

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  1. Dear Sharon,
    First, thank you for the recent comments you've left on my blog. A comment from you is, to me, a treasure - beautifully expressed and always heartfelt.
    I just love your postcard. Your work is lovely. And what a good idea to make the written side a shadow image of your photograph!
    I know what you mean about putting your work on your blog and then seeing it later and becoming reacquainted. I love blogging for the social experience, but also as a record of what I've created.
    Someday, you and I should do some kind of exchange. I'd love to own a tiny piece of your work!