Sunday, August 28, 2011

an anniversary

One year ago today, August 28 2010, my journey toward creating a life on Asbury Ridge began. In a caravan of 5 vehicles, 2 trucks, 3 cars, Anne with her beloved Holden, her treasured husband Matthias, his father Richard, my son Phillip and I drove a mere 240 miles to another world. I cannot know, nor would I want to know, what thoughts occupied the other 4 drivers that perfect August day. Jerome asked me today if I was afraid that day. I replied that I am more afraid now than I was then. The reality of the undertaking was not to be truly understood until the earth had slipped once completely around the sun and I had made a full revolution on my own axis.
I find it hard to celebrate joyously when I am distant from all those I love. When all of our lives have been shaken to their very cores. When each of us has been called to take a deep look at our innermost hearts. When the future is so uncertain.
And yet
the sunsets hum tunes that vibrate at a frequency that my soul responds to
the land offers nourishment for both body and spirit
the work it takes to bring the possibilities to fruition strengthen the body as much as they tax it
the neighbors are fine and well, neighborly
the community's circle is open and inclusive and hopeful
Thank you to my dearest Jerome for his constant and total support in this endeavor. Thank you to my lovely daughter and her equally supportive husband for jumping in the deep end with me and making sure my head is above water, most of the time. Thanks to Phil for staying close to his father. Knowing he's keeping his eye on Jerome for me now is a great relief.
One year come and gone.

And now for year two...


  1. I hope that in your second year at Asbury Ridge you will begin to reap the benefits of all you have sown and maybe take on a few more animal friends at the farm?

  2. Such a soulful post, Sharon.
    I can only say that you are the embodiment of the phrase "Follow Your Dream". I know it gets rough at times, but I'm glad that there are beautiful rewards for all you have given up. A supportive and loving family is such a treasure, and I'm glad you have your ring of love to help you. Here's to your second year, during which I'm sure you will find new perspectives and discoveries. Count me in as a friend and a support if you need it.
    The photo of you and Jerome is just lovely.
    Take care - big hugs!!

  3. We share similar dreams, Sharon, but your courage and determination have you way ahead of us! Bravo, and lean into the hard work that you are about. It is good work...filled with integrity and promise.

    Like Judy, I am here to support you and cheer you on...