Wednesday, August 3, 2011

sweet graces

A couple of summers back, Jerome and I took an excursion to the Fox River town of Geneva, Illinois. It's just under an hour west of our city house and one of several towns that developed along the river long ago. Today it's a tourist destination because of all the shops and restaurants. It's fun to explore. The Little Traveler was having one of its famous yard sales and I bought a great little collapsible bakers rack for my plants. This spring it went out onto the back deck here at the farm for use as a temporary greenhouse. On the bottom shelf I put a few pots of morning glory seedlings that didn't make it out to the garden. As spring faded to summer those little pots, though regularly watered, didn't make it to the top of my to do list. But the morning glories did not forget to live. And my benign neglect is now being rewarded.

It's impossible not to smile with these beauties trumpeting their good morning to you. Heavenly Blue indeed.


  1. Morning Glories seem to thrive on neglect! I had some in my garden many years ago. Seeing yours has made me want to grow them again!

  2. I absolutely love morning glories! I remember them growing up a white picket fence in our yard when I was a very small child. Beautiful!