Friday, August 19, 2011

latest postcard swap

Today I mailed my postcard to its recipient, Kate Bohles,  in Ilkley, England. Before I sent it I sent a message via email to Kate to let her know it is on its way. She replied with a lovely note that included her shop address and a link to a cross stitch site, since I mentioned I used cross stitch on the card.  I'll be posting photos of the postcard after Kate has received it. In the meantime, I thought it would be lovely to point out her shop and add a link to it on Sallymomsprouts. She is an art teacher, book creator, and the proud mother of two beautiful daughters. I hope you enjoy meeting her through her work.
The theme of this exchange was bloom. I chose a typically American summer flower, the Indian Summer Rudbeckia.  I used this photo of them from my city garden on the address side of the card.  I faded it so it wouldn't detract from the stitched side.

Oh, and I also flipped it 180 degrees.
I hope you enjoy it, Kate.

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