Thursday, January 17, 2013

something old, something new

For nearly two and a half years I have been looking for a table for the farm house. For a while I thought seriously about having an Amish builder make us a new set, table and matching chairs. Somehow that just didn't seem to fit this old house.
I saw a table in a local antique shop in 2010. When I saw it again in my friend's home last summer, she told me it would be perfect in my house but she wasn't going to sell it. She and her husband recently decided to redo their kitchen and the table would need a new home. Was I still interested??

I can't think of a better home than ours. Antique library table, solid oak, two drop leaves, one  in place one to be made into a side table (ingenious idea of mine!) and 4 drawers on each long side. I look forward to years of projects, chats over tea or dinner with friends and family, bouquets of flowers from the garden. Some things are worth waiting for.


  1. gorgeous! there's something about the glow of oak wood that is hard to resist. congratulations.

  2. So perfect!! I can't wait to read about the meals this table gets to be a part of =)

  3. It is a wonderful table. Beautiful and practical too! (I love the new header of a cosy kitty!)

  4. Love the table and love the story behind it, Sharon! Perfect for a literary family like yours! I especially like those drawers and it looks beautiful with your hardwood floors.

    Aw, and is that Dovey peeking out? So sweet!

  5. Looks Great! It seems that the table is a perfect fit for the space, I love its square legs and 4 drawers. Perfect!!!