Thursday, January 31, 2013

last day of January 2013

As January has sped to its finish, the month has offered all there is in its weather arsenal. Sunday's ice storm gave way to steadily rising temperatures. Monday night we were nearly shaken from our beds by thunderstorms. (Actually, Dovey did shout and jump right off the bed in a panic.) The fog was so dense on Tuesday that school was cancelled and I was not needed for my day's volunteer work at the school's book fair. I put my free time to good use by napping and finishing Mrs. Lincoln's Dressmaker. (For more information see this link.)
Tuesday night's steadily dropping temperatures and rising winds brought snow which continued in earnest all through the day Wednesday and once again school was cancelled.

This photo was taken early Wednesday morning through the upstairs deck door. By late afternoon the snow had slowed and I managed to get a bit of shoveling done. The plows had left heaps at the end of the drive, but our good neighbor, Steve, came with his pickup and plowed our drive just before dark.

This morning there is the slightest hint of sun behind gauzy clouds and though it's quite cold, and there is light snow falling from the thin layers of cloud above the farm house, I'm cozy within. Tomorrow after I turn the calendar to a new month Dovey and I will be watching our road for an old, rusty red Jeep to pull into the drive. Jerome will be arriving with Mya and new adventures will begin.
But for today, I'll put away my snowman collection and add the final notes to my January log.

Thank you, January for the delights we've enjoyed on your watch and the opportunities we've had for nourishing rest.


  1. I am so happy that you will be reunited with Jerome and Mya again! I wonder how Dovey will be now that she will have competition for your affection! I hope that the snow departs with January and you have brighter days in February.

  2. Such a diversity of weather, Sharon!! I do hope that you have a wonderful reunion and that Mya settles in easily! I love your "favorite things" on your shelves.
    Happy February!!