Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Every day's a new day

Happy new year. Fresh beginnings. Eager plans. Anything seems possible.
I am fully energized.

Dovey is a bit worn out from having to organize a staff of three for Christmas and two of us until just this morning. She does so love having company here at the farm.

The cold, minus 4 last night, and the deep snow haven't slowed the chickens down much. I still find one or two eggs a day despite the short length of daylight. They seem quite content in their snug, dry house. They've ventured outside a time or two since Jerome shoveled a clearing for them, but prefer not to stay out too long. Their eyes are bright, their feathers full and even Miss LadyHawk seems totally recovered. filling out nicely and regrowing her tail.
We've noticed a tiny gain of precious daylight in the frosty afternoons. Delightful.
Wishing each of you some measure of delight as you move through the opening of this gift of a new year.

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  1. Dovey and the chickens look so contented. I wish you peace and contentment throughout 2013 Sharon and a very Happy New Year.