Tuesday, January 8, 2013

hoar frost

Just before dawn this morning the sliver of a moon was smiling over the back gardens, a mist hung in the valley to the south, and everything wore the most amazing garments. When the sun cleared the horizon it was almost too bright to look for long at the uncountable crystals. 

the chicken fence
asparagus ferns and Minerva exploring her yard
last spring's robin nest in the Cortland Apple tree

another look at the asparagus ferns

The sun has finished her sojourn across this Wisconsin sky for today and has left one more bit of grace for any who care to claim it.


  1. As I sit here in CT with my morning tea, I want to thank you for this beautiful meditation, Sharon.


  2. A beautiful winter wonderland.

  3. Hi!! Beautiful!!
    A really warm hug to you!