Monday, November 5, 2012

hug a chcken day

Some consider November 5th "hug a chicken day." Personally, I think every day is hug a chicken day.
In any event, I did take a few photos of the flock this morning to share. I've given them their favorite treat, freeze dried mealworms, high in protein and to a chicken, heavenly.
left to right, Rosie, Phoebie, Minerva

LadyHawk and the kingpin, Big Guy, oka Polish

Don't they look well? I am marginally concerned about the girls. Suddenly they are laying fewer eggs. I've been asking everyone I know who has chicken experience. The answers are always the same: hens have suddenly slowed or stopped laying eggs. I'm getting a few eggs, just enough for my own kitchen. The girls look marvelously healthy and are eating as well as ever. Any ideas?
Back to hug a chicken. I found this on the internet this morning. Thought you might find it interesting. I'm sure the applications are endless, but it all started with hugging a chicken. If you get the urge, come on over.


  1. Maybe would should all get jackets (in the link)and give each other a hug! Your hens do look really healthy. I think the egg production goes down when there is less hours of daylight. I was told (when I had hens) to make sure they had eaten their layers mash/pellets before giving treats as the proprietary food had all the essential vitimins/minerals etc for egg production. Mr Polish has the most wonderful feather markings!

  2. I'd love to come over!
    Just read Simone's comment and I agree! Actually, my daughter created a "hug yourself" sweatshirt as one of her first techie projects at NYU!
    Your chickens are lovely! I never gave a thought to chickens before reading yours and Simone's blogs! See how much you enrich my life?!
    Very sweet!

  3. Oh, and another beautiful header photo, Sharon!