Friday, November 16, 2012

a little gift to myself

Yes, Simone, you guessed it.

I've made a patchwork lavender pillow of the Luna Notte packet in my Moda candy bar. The fabrics are from the Three Sisters line.
My last pillow was ancient and each time I heated it in the microwave, instead of emitting the essence of lavender I smelled roasted old flax. Even the old quilted patchwork cover showed scorch marks from months of use. I don't know why I waited so long....

We've had a spell of marvelous weather, sunny and 50 degrees. It certainly has been a gift, especially for my Amish friends who have been rebuilding after the fire. This past Monday I had the honor of being invited to lunch when I went out to deliver some supplies. It was a truly grace-filled experience. Two long benches made of planks set on upturned buckets served as seating for the menfolk. The table filled with foodstuffs including venison stew made from a deer that was given to the family, the women and teenaged girls sitting along one side of the serving table, always waiting for the men to serve themselves first. The soft sounds of German being spoken and much laughter. I caught a few words and Lovina translated some of it. But I didn't mind. It was a pleasure to hear their laughter and see their animated faces. And all of us females made quick work of the cleanup when the men returned to their task. Mary ladled all of the leftovers into one large pot. I told her my mother would call this combination brunse munse. She said her boys call it pantry soup.
On Wednesday I was a taxi for several of my Amish friends who were going to a wedding in Minnesota and needed a ride to catch their bus in a town about 45 minutes from here. When we arrived I was introduced to other family members who had already assembled there also waiting for the bus. I gave Eli my home phone number and my cell number in the event he needed to contact me. Since I only use my cell phone for emergencies, I couldn't remember my number. It took me a while to find it on my cell phone and while I was pressing buttons looking for it, it became pretty obvious that I was not very experienced. Mary's brother-in-law said I was "almost Amish" for my lack of cell phone experience. It was the sweetest thing I'd been called in a long while.
Wherever you are, I hope our sunny, mild weather is embracing you as well.


  1. It is so sad that your friends lost there home to a fire. But it is so great that they all care for one another and are ready to put there hands together and start putting things back together. I hope they are able to have a even nicer place than they had before.

    I understand your cell phone issue, I have a very hard time remembering numbers. If I dont have my phone I literally will forget my friends numbers.
    Glad you are having some sunny weather!

  2. Such lovely stories about your Amish friends. You are privileged to spend time with them and they are so fortunate to have you as a friend. I do hope that they are able to get back on their feet after the fire, but with such a loving community, it sounds like they will have a great deal of help.
    Your lavender pillow is very cozy looking, and should make a warm, fragrant source of comfort. So glad you've been having such lovely weather!

    P.S. I, also, seldom use my cell phone!!