Thursday, November 1, 2012

All Souls day

The calendar says the first day of November. The skies and the very air hum November. How can it be already?
It is All Souls Day. As a child I was confused by the notion of saying particular prayers on behalf of the "faithful departed" and being able to get them out of purgatory on this day. Does the Catholic church even teach this any more? One thing that remains from those days as a child,  when I turn the calendar from Oct to Nov I think of those I love who are gone and spend a few moments connecting to them in memories. I also remember to be thankful for those I love who are still in my life. A good habit I think.

field dust rising from harvesters just at sundown

It also is a day that reminds one that life is fleeting. So, shake off that growing feeling of hibernation and jump into a distraction. And just in time one has presented itself.
I've decided to use Art Every Day Month as a catalyst and encouragement from the sidelines to get to some of the great projects I've been planning and collecting over the summer. Now that the garden is just about put to bed for the year there will be hours each day free and with the end of Daylight Savings Time, there will be long nights watching PBS and videos from the library and I'll want to keep my hands busy. 
Thank you Judy for the spark.


  1. Hi Sharon!!
    If you are catholic in Italy, the 1st of November you usually go to the church to pray for all "your departed relatives and friends". parents went to the Church today, we are a Catholic family.
    ...but today it was my mum's birthday, it's really an important day for me!! In Italy is a "holiday" day in Uk I had to work today!! :) ..never mind, I enjoy working and feeling useful!
    Greetings! Ciao!

  2. So glad you've joined Art Every Day Month Sharon!

    Yes, I remember Nov. 1 as All Souls Day, and wasn't Halloween originally Hallowed Eve? I may have that wrong! In any case, hope you do find that one hour a day and looking forward to seeing your hand made goodness!