Thursday, March 1, 2012

March 1

This morning, as I have done for 36 years, I turned the calendar and my heart swelled at the thought of my first born.
Anne.  Happy birthday month, sweetheart.
March also brings with it the intoxicating scents of promises. Winter can have its way with us and we can smile.
In honor of March I took a walk around the grounds here on our ridge meadow farm after lunch, seeing if I could note any changes indicating that spring arrives in just under 3 weeks. It's a "lamb" beginning for this year, even the winds are mild today. Temperatures hovering just barely above freezing.  Yesterday's ice/snow is disappearing, exposing puddles and mud. Alas no sun, again.
In the spirit of spring anticipation I've begun several trays of seed. This year I decided to assemble the mini greenhouses for germinating before the babies go under the plant lights in the basement. It's a little too chilly down there for germinating most things. And I can keep a closer eye on them. It feels so GOOD to be planting those tiny bits. Contemplating a seed is right up there with gazing at the stars.
Ah, March. Welcome.


  1. Beautifully put, Sharon. Can't wait to see photos of those little plants and to read about your greenhouses. Happy Birthday month to Anne, and to my own Kate as well!

  2. Dear Sharon,

    You have been in my thoughts these past few days and I find it apt that you left the kindest of messages on my blog on February 22nd: my lucky day. Yes really! I have come to wish you a joyful March and I hope you are feeling a little uplifted with spring knocking on your garden porch. This question may catch you yawning but have you read Monty Don's "The Ivington Diaries"? It is a work of art in words and pictures paying tribute to the beauty of the garden he built from nothing with his very patient wife Sarah. I say patient as he suffers from depression in winter. Of course, you may already know all this...

    I'm sending you positve, joyful thoughts across the seas. Happy seed planting.


  3. It is the time for seed sowing! Happy Birthday month to Anne. It is also my birthday month and a month of hope and new beginnings.