Sunday, March 11, 2012

M is for melodies

Sounds that stir the weariest of souls: helplessly giggling children, bees going deliriously about their business within a blossom's bosom, and the raucous improvisation of bird call. Rapturous rhapsodies.

My fair weather friends have returned.  Friday the meadows and trees around the farmhouse were suddenly full of the unmistakeable and so very welcome sound of red-wing blackbirds.  Mourning doves and robins arrived as well.
Morning has broken.


  1. oh, this post stirs my soul, Sharon, and what a great photo! Yes, the birds are twittering on the wires outside my bedroom window and I'm catching the stirrings of spring as it approaches!
    Your words are always a pleasure to read!

  2. I agree with Judy! Your words are always a pleasure to read. I am glad that morning has broken and the birds have returned. Thank goodness for the return of spring and the longer days.