Sunday, March 25, 2012

mixed blessing

I'm so distracted by this uncommonly early spring weather. I feel as if I've been holding my breath waiting for a blow.

The first of my yearling trees is fully open now,  a Moongold apricot. I walk daily among these sweet eager babies whispering "Go back to sleep" but they cannot resist the soft air and tender nights.
Friday I visited my local garden center, The Flower Basket, to thank them once again for the marvelous arrangement they delivered from Jerome on the first day of spring,

(that's a moss kissed, terra cotta watering can vase that actually pours water!) but also to talk with them about this phenomenon. Not since they've owned the nursery, nor in the memory of the previous owner, has there been a spring like this. They, like me, are holding their breath hoping to avoid a temperature plunge that would deal a devastating blow to the accelerated growth of their seasonal stock.
And living in a farming community, my neighbors, too, are watching the weather with more than the usual interest.

I know many are happy with this lovely warm March. It has been pleasant to be sure.
But..... when I hear the frogs calling one another in the night and think of the fragile baby offspring that will not survive should that pond once again chill down, I shiver for them.


  1. I know what you mean, Sharon. We had 85 degree weather last week, now we're down in the 40's. There was a threat of frost, but it didn't happen. I do feel bad for farmers and for you who live so close to the soil - for all of us and for our earth actually. What is happening to our environment??
    Your flowers are gorgeous - Jerome must be a real sweetie.

  2. This crazy spring has been worrying, for sure.

    And, yes, thank you so much for the book recommendation. I LOVED Goat Song...maybe enough to read it again!