Sunday, March 4, 2012

L is for light

I haven't posted along the alphabet theme for a while. Today's post seemed a good time to go back to it. I am hungry for sunlight, starving actually. So what do I do when I'm hungry? go looking for something to satisfy. I found this lovely flower on my parlor palm which actually resides in the bathroom. It holds a special place in my home. It was a tiny plant in among a variety of potted plants in an English Garden basket arrangement sent to my father-in-law's funeral. It has become a lovely large plant over the years and when I breathe the oxygen it produces for me I feel Pater's spirit rise up within me. I feel lighter.

a bloom on the palm

This morning I found a comment from a new visitor to my blog. Hello, Tillybud, so lovely to hear from you. So of course I had to go visit her at Small and lucky
I love how her banner reads "Finding life's little twinkles..."
Finding the twinkles among the glares of 21st century life isn't easy. But the miracle is this, when you need them, they appear. They are given by the plants on your windowsill, and bloggers also taking a moment to notice and share the spark, the twinkle.
Thank you Tillybud for reaching out to me today and sharing the twinkle that is you.


  1. It is dull, wet and overcast here today Sharon and I am struggling to find the light too. I am glad that the twinkles appear when you need them. I am going to keep a look out for them.

  2. What a lovely plant, with such a sweet sentiment to it, Sharon. I too will be happy to see some sunshine this week - the gray days of winter do get tiring.
    Love the blog you linked to and hope you have a brighter week!

  3. I am so behind in my blog reading!!!!

    I agree with you, Sharon, sometimes the glare of 21st century living isn't easy! I sometimes take "media vacations" just to catch some breathing room.

    I love the story of your parlor palm. Exquisite and dear.

    Sending you light and love...