Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Leap Day

Have you ever wondered where the extra 6 hours gathered each year are stored until we stitch them together to create a whole new day? It doesn't sound like an easy task, at the beginning...
Something to contemplate while you work out solutions to surmounting those speed humps your work lays down in front of you.
For me, a major hump to hurdle is the actual quilting of my pieced tops. I haven't the experience or practice, nor a computerized machine to regulate my fledgling stitches and irksomely quirky tension. Like anything else, I must just sit and sew and let it come.
Perhaps I'll use simple repeated joined spirals, a sort of fiber version of a meditation labyrinth.

How will you spend your  gift of these 24 hours? Perhaps with a leap of your own?


  1. I think a stitched version of a meditation labyrinth sounds wonderful!

  2. you are on to something here, sharon.

    i'm using today for an attitude adjustment.


  3. What a beautiful metaphor for a quilt pattern, Sharon. That video was mesmerizing. I'm like you with a non-computerized machine, but I don't machine quilt so it doesn't matter! It is snowing here tonight - maybe I'll go out and make a snow circle tomorrow!
    Today i just used the extra hours rushing around, getting things done.