Friday, January 20, 2012

UFO no more

Love these long winter nights of video watching and handwork. Determined to move along on my series of wreaths of the seasons, I began "winter" last weekend and then decided I was ready for all of the tiny half cross stitches and narrow cross stitches of "spring" which was all that was needed to finish it.

These photos are deceiving in their color. The 14 count canvas of each is actually the same shade of oatmeal that you see on the holly wreath.
Below is the cover of the book I'm using. I've owned it for years (the publication date 1973) and I've done several of the designs over time. I did the violet wreath for Anne years ago on 18 count. That means 18 squares per linear inch on the canvas. The tiny stitches were hard then for my eyes, and would be difficult now without magnification.

Last night I began summer. The left hand page shows the working chart and the right hand page an idea of the finished piece. I'm calling them by the names of the seasons but they are not presented as such in the book. In fact there are more wreaths included that would be suitable too. And birds, and sprigs of flowers. It is a beautiful collection of Danish designs.

It is satisfying to finish a piece that has waited so long for my attention. And makes me quite happy to be moving along on my plan of the 4 seasons set.

thought you'd like to see how I work. I prop my pattern on my music stand and fix it at a good height for my sofa. Then it just takes a quick glance over my specs to check my stitch placement. Works great, leaving my hands free for the work and saving time juggling the pattern.


  1. Wonderful cross-stitch Sharon. I have so many cross-stitch UFO's to add to my list of things to be completed. The book you have been using looks well worth its cost judging by the use you have had from it.

  2. merciful heavens, how exquisite!

  3. Oh Sharon, how on earth do you manage these beautiful masterpieces? Karen expressed it perfectly - merciful heavens, how exquisite!!!
    I too love wreaths, and these are absolutely gorgeous! And I love seeing how you work.
    Makes me wonder what musical instrument you play to use a music stand?