Thursday, January 5, 2012

J is for January

It's no coincidence that many of us spend the early days of this month in reflection on the events of the old year while plotting a course correction for the year ahead. After all, January gets its name from the god Janus, who had two faces on his head, one looking forward the other back.
I often begin the year wondering about its end. Will someone in my life be gone by the start of the next year? Will I? Morbid, maybe. But it's part of the unknown that frightens me just a little bit. I don't tend to think on it again as the days move along. Just during the countdown and immediately after as I hold myself up to the early beats of the infant year.
The winter here, so far, has been profoundly easier than last year's. Our opening snow Nov. 9th has been nearly our total so far. Today we enjoyed sun and mid 40s. Our low tonight should just touch the freezing mark.  I read in Star Date yesterday that the earth was actually closer to the sun than it will be again this year, 1.5 million miles closer than average. These numbers astound me. The night sky here on a cloudless night is dazzling with stars. The Milky Way is clearly visible. The planets are brilliant.
Today's sunset,

while electrifying to the eyes in the deep southwest, dusted the opposite sky as with pastel chalks, soft whispers.

As the sun was just about to slip below the horizon, it shown through the sewing room window, through the living room, to inflame the wreath on the dining room's front door. Just one moment later and it was gone.

I think perhaps what I hope for myself in the year ahead is that I don't miss those precious, grace filled moments that come, and surprisingly often, but are in danger of slipping away unnoticed.


  1. It is easy to have morbid thoughts when alone Sharon and sometimes I can take myself off into the realms of despair! We can't live our lives in the future or the past. We only have now. It is good to cherish moments in our days such as the sunset or the surise or the way the light catches something. I am sure your optimism for the days ahead will grow as the days lengthen and the soil warms. Then you will be posting about all the different fruits and vegetables you have grown!

  2. Isn't the Milky Way magical?

    Our lives ebb and flow, with worries and joys. But the sky...sun-filled, star-bangled, storm-clouded....changing, too. But always there, above us, ancient and reassuring.


  3. Dear Sharon,
    Wise words for all of us - to notice the grace filled moments in our days. I have been trying to get in balance since we returned home. I read your comment on Simone's post that you've been feeling down since Jerome went back to the city. Your dream certainly has tested you, my friend. I wish you a year filled with grace-filled moments, a heart full of hope and many wonderful gifts in this newly unfolding year.
    Thank you so much for your ever encouraging comments on my blog. Let's walk together in this new year, creating, appreciating and embracing whatever life may bring us.
    Big hugs!!!