Sunday, January 8, 2012

early gifts of the new year

The wolf moon, also called the old moon, or moon after yule

Happily our skies were totally clear in the east this afternoon. I was not going to miss this moon rise! I went out onto the front porch to take the pictures above.  I used my trusty Canon SX120 with nearly full 10X zoom, so the farm below the moon appears quite a bit nearer than it actually is.

And here is the moon rising just a few moments later caught through the kitchen window. Still a bit of zoom so the moon would appear obvious in the photo, but not as much zoom as the others.

And the sunset was silently glorious: no fanfare, no trumpeting clouds,  their brassy edges burning.


  1. A gorgeous wolf moon! I must try to get a glimpse of it tonight.

  2. this is a very nice way to begin my monday morning. thank you.