Saturday, January 21, 2012

A few years back I ordered a pattern designed as a traveling sewing bag. I had an idea that I could alter the pattern and make it into a jewelry carrier for when I travel. The first one I made as a prototype. It's the one I use now when I travel. Since then I've changed it a bit for Anne, and then for my sisters Mary and Terri.
This morning I mailed my 6th version to my niece Krysta studying at FIT in New York. (I had told her at Christmas to watch for something after the holidays. I'll bet she's forgotten by now, or maybe given up on me!) It's the first one I've made with a squared front flap. The others all came to a point as shown in Mary's below.

Here are a few in progress photo's of Krysta's. There is an outside fabric and a lining with batting between. The binding is made of the fabric I used for the outside. Quilt shops are selling these lovely long zippers that can be inserted and cut to any length. They come in lots of colors, are free of packaging and cost about half what you'd pay for the prepackaged kind.

Krysta, I enjoyed making it for you. I hope you like it.


  1. very pretty, and i think the bee closure is the crowning touch!

  2. Oh, what a lovely gift, Sharon! Love your fabric choices and the bee closure! Something like this is perfect for travel, pretty and practical! She will love it!

  3. This is such a beautiful gift! You're very talented!