Thursday, January 12, 2012

K is for kids

Well, winter decided to show up this morning. Snow, wind, cold, January! I am glad. And the weather has brought the birds back to my feeders. Hurray. I do enjoy their footprint embroidery on the back porch, and Dovey loves to watch their acrobatics.

Well, today was my second day helping my herbalist friend Robin with her soapmaking class at the local Youth Initiative High School. We have about a dozen girls, 9th, 10th, 11th grade. They are beautiful and sweet and fun to work with. The kids are what I miss most since I retired from teaching. So nice to ease back into the classroom this way.

Robin is doing a 3 week class making soap, salve and lip balm. The girls will package, label and make a container for each set of products to be auctioned at a Valentine fundraiser. So we're also deep into discussions about packaging and I've been bringing samples and templates and lists of fun decorating "stuff" they can be looking for at home.  More about that later.
For now, just look how cute the girls look in their protective goggles. We were using lye after all and needed to take care for our eyes and hands.
Tomorrow it's another type of soap using rendered beef tallow. Today's soap had lavender and sandalwood essential oils. I think Robin would like to cover up some of the "meaty" smell of the tallow tomorrow with peppermint oil. I'll let you know!


  1. 'Footprint Embroidery' I love that description! I wish I was signed up to the soap making class. I attended a workshop once but it only just touched the surface of soap making. I think peppermint oil is a lovely choice to scent a soap with - so invigorating!

  2. "Footprint embroidery" - how lovely, Sharon! Oops, I just noticed that Simone said the same thing! Wouldn't it be fun if we could all have a conference call some day!!
    To me, there is nothing like handcrafted soap. I have a couple of favorite vendors whom I buy from at local craft fairs. I think working with girls of that age must be very rewarding.
    Just today I noticed that there was not a bird or animal anywhere in our yard - I must put some birdseed out!
    Have a lovely weekend, Sharon!