Sunday, May 1, 2011

Happy anniversary Mya and Dovey

My new banner is a photo collage of what I've been up to in April. Yesterday, feeling a bit sorry for myself,  and wondering just what I've gotten accomplished lately, I decided to look back on the month via photos I've taken. Beginning with the snow on April fool's day, ending with the bread from my class yesterday, I see I really have gotten some things done in the past 30 days. (The crow applique is one of the quilts we saw at the show in Sun Prairie. I have a thing for crows and bought a pattern to adapt to wool applique. Hope to get to that one of these days.) Though I still pine after all I did not do, I can now easily see what I have done. Sorry I've been absent from this post so long. I'll try to be better in the days ahead.

One year ago today I brought Mya and Dovey home to spend their lives with us. They were being housed at ADOPT in Naperville, Illinois, a no kill animal shelter recommended to us by Phil's friends Chrissy and Jeff. We are ever grateful, as our lives have been deeply enriched and we cannot imagine life without them. I believe it is their company that truly makes this separation from each other at all possible for Jerome and me.
Here are photos of my two sweet girls, taken within a couple of days of their arrival with us.

Mya, pictured first, is the deep souled cat, thoughtful and patient. She has a habit of looking right into you keeping eye contact until you look away.
Dovey, the scamp, is a big personality. She is NOT patient and is quick to jump into whatever it is you're doing. Life is one great adventure for Dovey.
While they were new to our home, it was especially good for Mya to have Dovey as a big sister to learn from, though Mya is actually 2 months older. I have often observed her studying then copying Dovey's activities. Extremely timid and not a cat to make friends quickly if at all,  Mya really did have her way eased by Dovey's presence.

From the very beginning, Dovey liked being where the action is. And that usually meant wherever I was. And little Mya would tag along, watch and learn. Here they are watching through the screen porch window while I worked in the garden. Looking out the windows side by side continues to be one of their favorite activities when they are together.
Dovey is back at the farm with me after her vacation to the city house for 6 weeks while we were having work done on the farmhouse. Though I have worried about splitting them up, they do seem to enjoy each focusing their attention on just one of us and then enjoying brief and temporary times of being with each other whenever I go to the city. And since Dovey travels in the car well, I see lots of road trips in our future.
Well, it is May. April 2011 has been the coldest, greyest April in 70 years. I'm glad it wasn't just that I'm a bit of a whimp. There was a real reason behind the grey feelings. 
Now on to spring!


  1. Happy May to you Sharon. I think you have achieved loads in the last month and it must have been quite a challenge for you trying to sort out the farm when it wouldn't stop snowing! By contrast in the UK we have had the dryest April in years and it wouldn't surprise me if we had a hosepipe ban in the summer. I am a big cat lover and I got Gizmo from Cat's Protection almost 4 years ago. I know I would just adore your cats as much as you do. Your new banner is great and the farm is looking surprisingly green!

  2. So good to see you posting again, Sharon. I have missed you, but I know it's hard to write an upbeat post when you're not feeling that way.
    Your new header is terrific. Everything you do looks tantalizing, from gardening to handwork to baking bread! And Mya and Dovey are just too sweet! I love their "baby" pictures and the one of them looking out the window is precious. I think your Dovey and my Rosie are kindred souls - always looking for adventure!!
    Here's wishing you a sunny and bright May!!
    We had the most beautiful day yesterday and FINALLY the trees are showing their spring green leaves!
    Sending you hugs from New England to Wisconsin!!

  3. Hi Sharon,
    I love your new header and wonder how you created it. I love the photo mosaics I've seen around blog-land. Any tips?
    And the photo of your sweet kitties peeking out the window together...what a treasure!
    Happy spring to you, too.