Monday, May 9, 2011

a magic day

Have you ever had a day that just kept getting better and better?
I had been in the city on Wednesday and Thursday surprising Jerome for his birthday and had seen my son Phillip while I was there. In my mind I had my Mothers Day time with him then. I returned late Thursday after cramming countless activities into the 32 hours I was gone from the farm. I was exhausted and emotionally drained.
On Friday I got up early to straighten the house and prepare for Anne's return to the farm after a 3 week trip back to her home, husband, and gardens  in Ohio. Friday morning had dawned sunny and mild, the first such lovely day in a long while. Anne arrived in late morning with her Siberian Huskey, Holden, and her canary, Bertram. Holden had been at the farm all last autumn, so it was a homecoming for him. Having the animals here is sweetness. Dovey of course is getting adjusted to no longer being an only child, and spends quite a bit of time sitting on the narrow ledge at the top of the stairs watching the most interesting new arrival.

Once her car was unpacked, Anne and I took a long walk around the farm and across the road to the acreage we have rights to use. We spotted some lovely wild flowers blooming, hundreds of strawberry plants and noted all the berry bushes showing signs of spring. It felt so lovely to be out in the mild air and see spring all around us. It had been full spring in Ohio and Illinois but still sleepy early spring in Wisconsin. We had to look very closely to spot all the new growing things emerging every where, but where ever we looked we saw more and kept saying to each other "Oh look at this!"
As we stepped back into the house I spotted a familiar car painted with flowers and the name The Flower Basket pull into the driveway. Jerome had sent me flowers for Mothers Day. By now I'm on a first name basis with the owner Al and head designer, Susan,  since Jerome has spoiled me with flowers several times since my settling in here without him. Susan told me she just loves chatting with my husband about what she can put together for me with his love.
I immediately called Jerome and thanked him, tears still in my eyes. I said something like "So many special things have happened today and it's only lunch time!" He chuckled, gave me his love and said we'd talk again later.
After lunch the mail arrived bringing Anne a marvelous package from Scotland and me an order of books from Amazon. What a day this was turning out to be! Within moments the back door opened and in walked my son saying "Have you got room for one more?" You could have knocked me over.
Of course I had to call Jerome again and he told me he had to bite his tongue not to give the surprise away when I called about the flowers. And Anne knew about both and hadn't let on in any way.
Later, while Phil was out seeing about a fishing event and Anne and I sat down to play our first hand of Quiddler since her return, I beat her stunningly. I laughed and told her that with the magic day I was having there was no way she could have won the game!
All of this grace pouring abundantly into me, I am still overwhelmed and full of gratitude. There have been so many lonely times and some aching doubts and sadness at the enormity of what I'm attempting. And then a magic day comes and creation is wrapping me in its embrace and saying "Yes."  Oh, yes.


  1. I love this post, Sharon, and am so happy to hear about your wonderful day!! I know things have been difficult for you lately, and that makes your joy all the sweeter!! What lovely surprises and what a loving family!
    That is a great photo of Dovey watching Bertram! A classic!
    So glad your cup runneth over - may the memory of this day stay in your heart and bring you great peace.

  2. I am so glad that you had a wonderful happy day Sharon! When times seem hard again you can look back to the memory of your special day and know that there will be many more to come.