Tuesday, May 10, 2011

up from the basement

Our tiny seedlings have done pretty well under the lights we set up in the basement, considering that it is never above 60 degrees down there.

Now they are almost 6 weeks old, have been thinned and fertilized and are ready to come up into natural light. Anne and I each had a mini greenhouse that we used at our city houses. And I have a lovely bakers rack to put into service as well. Fortunately, Anne also had an additional plastic covering which works well over the bakers rack. We did tie the light-weight greenhouses to the railing, as our winds are mighty up here on the ridge.

I put a burlap tent over the greenhouses to limit the amount of direct sun. We'll expose them a bit more each day. We've been closing the greenhouses at night and only opening them for a few hours each day. But today's temperature shot up to 87 degrees and we didn't want to cook the poor babies. Imagine, one week ago today it was snowing here!
Things are happening almost too fast now. I hope I can stop and make at least short posts both to help me remember and to share all the goodness with Jerome.  Anne is taking lots of photos and she has a marvelous way of saying things in words and images. To get an even better idea of what we're up to check her out as well.


  1. I love the constant changes in spring, it's part of the energy of the season. Also a big challenge. I admire the way you have found a solution with your mini greenhouses, set right out on your porch for easy access. Clever!

  2. It looks like your hard work is beginning to pay off. I can't believe that you had snow only a week ago!

  3. A very interesting process to a non-gardener like me. You and Anne are very systematic in the way you're going about this, but from previous posts, I know that you both have had lovely gardens before. I'm looking forward to seeing your next steps - I'm actually learning a lot!!!

  4. Hi Sharon,
    Your very organized plan is amazing to me! As a non-gardener I am leaning a lot! Can't wait to see the progress of all the plants!