Wednesday, May 25, 2011

chicks and ducklings

On Monday we got the call from the post office letting us know the chicks were here. Another impossible dream coming true for me. Take a peak at Anne's blog and you'll be able to read more about their homecoming and settling in.
I find it hard to comprehend that such perfect little beings have already put up the struggle of their lives to break out of their shells and are now doing what they need to survive and with such chirpy enthusiasm. They're getting more comfortable with our handling, though we must seem like fearful giants to them. It is our goal to handle them all and speak to them regularly so they trust us and enjoy our company.

This photo represents each of our breeds including our little gift bird, perhaps a Silver Polish. (S)he is peaking out over the shoulder of the dark chick on the left.

Here (s)he is in closeup. This little one was sent straight run, which means it wasn't sexed before shipment. We'll have to wait and see if we have another rooster on our hands or if we'll have another layer.
I'm happy to say all 28 of them have comfortably spent the past 48 hours with us, and as unbelievable as it may seem, are already growing. Certainly their feathers are developing.

This morning our 3 Indian Runner ducks have arrived and they couldn't be cuter. After having their bills tipped into their waterer, they each caught on quickly to drinking. Eating was another matter, as they took their time trying just about everything else before discovering their food. They've got the hang of it now and the last time I checked on them they were looking like the babies they are, ready for a nap. They've had a full day already, traveling, learning to drink, eat, and being handled "just a bit" by their two new moms.

It's raining steadily and very chilly today, giving us good reason to stay indoors and lots of opportunity for chick and duckling time. As if we need an excuse!

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  1. Sharon this must be such an exciting time for you with the arrival of so many babies! I'd imagine they will be an inspiration for Annes's paintings! I am sure that both you and Anne will be their perfect 'mothers'.