Thursday, July 23, 2015

letting go

Six weeks old and ready to face the big wide world.
We were all there to encourage them… Jerome, Phil, Anne, Matthias and me.
The morning was idyllic, sunny, soft breeze, low 70s at 8 am.
After three weeks of being enclosed in the big house we were sure they'd come bounding out to explore.

And then the surprise… they were more timid than we anticipated. By late in the day all had at least tried the out of doors but the most intrepid was the tiniest chick of all. The only one I've named and who I keep company with parts of every day, Punkin. She was the last to go in at dusk yesterday and had explored farther into the yard than any other bird. She reminds me so of Rosie, our senior Buff Orpington who is always the last to go in at night and takes her job as mother hen very seriously.
Just sitting and observing frequently during the day is a deep joy.
If you have even the tiniest notion you'd like chicks of your own I say "Do it!"