Friday, July 10, 2015


Before moving to MeadowRidge I gardened in zone 5 or warmer.

Here it is zone 4b. I left behind several lovely roses in my city garden, cherished friends like About Face above, but alas few could survive here. There are a few old roses saved from the jungle we tore out last summer. It was time to replant.
Anne has grown David Austin roses for several years and suggested I look at the catalog. I was surprised to find there were many zone 4, own root varieties to choose from. Own root means the named rose is not grafted on the hardier root stock of another variety. If an own root rose should die down to the ground in winter, it will regenerate as itself and not its graft host.
I would have room for 10 roses. I placed my order in February for these:

The bare root dormant roses arrived May 21st. The next day Jerome, Anne and I planted them.

Jerome dug the deep holes and took great care to keep the soil for reuse. Anne supervised based on her vast experience. She warned that they would begin slowly. First the raccoons were attracted to the Rosetone scent and dug around each plant that very night. Then the triplet fawns decided the new tips were good for munching. Now the roses temporarily reside in cages so they can get a bit of a head start.
This week the first of the blooms are opening. Sophy's Rose was first.

Second, L D Braithwaite. This rose is actually a deeper shade, nearly red.

Third, Abraham Darby.

Blogger does wonderful things, but until aromas can be transmitted online you'll have to take my word for the old world scents.
Stay tuned.


  1. Such beautiful additions to your lovely place, Sharon. The colors are spectacular.

  2. Beautiful roses Sharon. I like forward to seeing them flourish over the years ahead.