Friday, July 10, 2015

Friday photos

Thought it might be fun and a bit of a discipline for me to try my hand at a once a week posting. This morning's view off the upper deck sent me looking for my camera. Each Friday in the weeks ahead I hope to share a glimpse of MeadowRidge.

With the "rubber band" frog speaking up from our pond and Big Guy crowing out in his bungalow heralding the morning, I stood on the deck and took this shot. Looking south: the new rose and peony bed, the developing flower wall, through the arch to the fruits and vegetables and then to the chicken yards, the cool, moist morning hovering in the valleys beyond.


  1. A beautiful view from your home Sharon. You are very fortunate indeed! Have a lovely weekend. :-)

    1. Thanks. My greatest good fortune is having a partner who fully supports my gardening passion by providing whatever help is needed, usually in the form of weeding, digging, and whatever else his strength of body and character can provide!
      Have a lovely weekend yourself, Simone.

  2. so, so lovely. thanks for the peek at your meadowridge. xo

  3. Hello Sharon,

    Just found your blog this morning, you have a beautiful view to enjoy each day.

    Happy days.