Saturday, February 1, 2014

I wish you could smell this...

Jerome gave me a Meyer lemon for Christmas. We were shopping in our local Co-op when I spotted her in their floral area. He was delighted to oblige.
Always taking a bit of a chance bringing citrus outside in December, changing its location while it's in bud. We wrapped her up and hurried to the car and home.

Well, here she is 6 weeks later. She resides in Jerome's Diapason office in our first floor sunroom, filling his space with her heady aroma.

Using an old sable brush I've tried to stand in for the now slumbering honey bees. Mya loves to nibble the tips of her deep green leaves and play with the fallen petals. Hard for me to scold her for being attracted to something I dearly love to be near myself.
A little bit of summer indoors that keeps winter outside where it belongs.


  1. What a beautiful plant, Sharon - I can almost smell its lovely fragrance as I read your words. You really do have a green thumb! I don't usually have much luck with house plants, but I'm trying!
    Love seeing yours!

  2. I can imagine its beautiful scent and being thrilled at the prospect of lemons later!