Thursday, January 30, 2014


A few days ago we remembered the big snow of '67 in Chicago. 
Jerome and I were seniors in high school. We'd had mild weather the day before with a whopping good thunderstorm that night. The next morning the snow began. When it finished on the second day there were 23+ inches on the ground. I was employed part time in a grocery store then and on that second day I walked to work down the middle of a very busy street which had seen nothing but foot traffic. Once at the store I experienced for the first time in my life what panic can do. People were buying many multiples of milk, bread, toilet paper. It was as if they feared no restocking would take place for weeks. 

As I type this, it is snowing here at the farm yet again. The wind is blowing the flakes horizontally with some force. Our snows have been frequent and with no thaws, cumulative.  Never more than a few inches at a time, the flakes have been the smaller, drier kind, light weight, easy to shovel but also easy for the winds up here on the ridge to blow. Clear a path and when you lift your head to look back it is filling in behind you. The results are scenes reminiscent of desert sands.
Many, many times this winter I have given thanks that Jerome is here with me. What a chore this would have been alone. His being here helps me see the beauty behind the beast. 

working his way to the chicken house

Flowers help a bit too. As do good pals of the purring sort.

Much to be grateful for.


  1. Keep safe and well Sharon. The snow is prettier than the rain!

  2. Lovely post. What would we do without green and blooming things in the midst of this deep winter? Your sweet kitties look like Valentines.

    Like Simone, I wish you well, Sharon.

  3. Love your photo of the kitties and flower, Sharon. AND the lovely primroses on your header!
    Oh, I too know how helpful it is to have a husband to clear the snow! We are blessed!